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Building a fly-out menu with Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX Tutorial

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Page Three

On the Content tab, fill in the Text, Link, and, if necessary, the Target. For my About Us button, I have entered the text and links.

Note: If you plan on using subdirectories for your site, enter your links as absolute paths rather than relative, otherwise they will not link properly from the pages in the subdirectories.

Click on the Appearance tab. The Editor has defaults already in place, which can, of course, be modified. These are the default settings for my About Us pop-up menu:

I made changes so the pop-up menu will look like the other buttons and replaced the font name "Verdana" with "Tahoma" right in the drop down text box. Now the Mission Statement text doesn't fit on one line, but that will be fixed on the Advanced tab.

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